London Tango Teachers

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of some of the London Tango teachers, in no particular order, with an introductory description of each further below:

Giraldo & Mina at Corrientes Social Club

Marek Szotkowski
 or Alberto Ortiz at Carablanca Tango Club

Ivan Arandia at Negracha Tango Club

Maria Solero's team at Tango Etnia

Leandro Palou & Maria Tsiatsiani at Leandro Palou Tango Academy or at Tango Light

René Hellemons Hiba Faisal at Tango Fever

Kim & David Benitez at Tango Movement

Miriam Orcutt & Dante Culcuy at Miriam & Dante

Maral Kojayan
 & Mariano Laplume at Maral & Mariano

Pablo Rodriguez at Tango Space

Bianca at Royo y Negro

Raquel Greenberg at Raquel Greenberg Tango Academy

Bruno at Tanguito

A little bit more about all these teachers if you are wondering:

Marek Szotkowski with partner Ewa Zbrzeska together with their colleague Alberto Ortiz and partner Asta Morozoviene teach the Beginners and Recent Beginners courses at Carablanca Tango Club. Both Marek & Alberto have ample dancing/teaching experience and run structured monthly beginners & recent beginners courses at the club alternating between them from month to month.

Giraldo together with partner Mina have been instrumental in developing Tango in London over the years and since the year 2000 they have been running their own very popular Milonga twice a month. They regular teach all over London and give weekly technique classes in association with the team at Zero Hour (aka The Dome).

Ivan Arandia has been a resident teacher at Negracha Tango Club in Holborn for a many years and teaches there on Monday evenings prior to the Practica as well as on Fridays before their Milonga. He used to regularly teach with Tara Pilbrow, but seems to teach with his new teaching partner Paula Duarte or with other dancers assisting him.

Maria and the team at Etnia regularly host various teachers at their Sunday Milonga.

Leandro Palou is a formidable Tango dancer who's been teaching on the London Tango scene for many years, previously with Romina Godoy and now with his new partner Maria Tsiatsiani. Their classes are quite pleasant and structured and they tend to hold them in gym studios, which may not be to everybody's liking. Their Tango academy occasionally hosts other renowned Tango teachers.

René Hellemons Hiba Faisal are another teaching couple that have been on the London Tango scene for many years. Hiba is also a popular DJ and the pair also run a Monday Practica after their classes in Euston.

Kim & David Benitez are another formidable Tango couple who seem to ooze elegance. Their classes are quite pleasant, structured and organized. Their classes are held in gym studios which might not be to everybody's liking.

Miriam & Dante are another renowned Tango teaching couple from Oxford who used to hold occasional classes here in London in the past and have just announced two regular class slots from January 2016. They are another elegant couple who have a large fan base and they also managed to reach the finals of the BsAs Tango championships last year, which is quite an achievement in itself.

Maral & Mariano were fairly new to the London Tango scene not so long ago and have already managed to make quite an impression. They are both very creative individuals and Mariano is also known as a co-founder and former violinist of the internationally renowned and much loved Sexteto Milonguero. Their dancing style leans towards the modern side of things, but their teaching seems very clear and concise. They also run a very popular weekly afternoon Milonga/Practica.

Pablo Rodriguez  has been a resident teacher at the Light Milonga and teaches there with various partners or hosts other teachers during the week and occasionally at the Light Milonga.

Bianca's Tango school seems to focus on beginner lessons and technique classes with emphasis on essentials. Perhaps not quite as popular as some of the other schools, but may well be worth trying out.

Raquel Greenberg is another Tango teacher that's been around for quite a while. She seems to be quite popular with the ladies and often partners up with well know Tango personalities for special events/workshops. She also mainly holds her classes in dance studio environments, but has recently moved her attention to also hosting a Milonga.

Bruno at Tanguito now teaches with various partners or occassionally host other teachers. They don't appear to host as many of their friendly Milonga events apart from one which happens most Sundays.

Nota Bene: Many Teachers tend to come and go and some stay with us longer [for better or worse]. This list is only meant as a starting point and it may become out of date very quickly given the nature of things.

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