The post Tango lesson Milonga

If you have just attend the lesson prior to the Milonga and decide to stick around afterwards, then for heavens sake do not repeatedly attempt to practice your "recently acquired" skills. In all probability you have not got the hang of whatever it is you were doing and as such the only thing that is going to happen is you looking extremely silly and out of place.

It is completely all right for anyone including beginners to attend Milonga venues, but you should always stick to what you are good and competent at even if this means only walking around the floor with your partner to the music and nothing else. Honestly, people will respect you far more for this and definitely not for trying anything fancy that you struggle with which will immediately send the wrong message. Trust me you do not want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons later on and besides it could very well become the reason you start to struggle to get dances.

Always remember the Milonga is a "social dance" event and people go there to dance and not to practice. If you want to practice there are places for that such as the informal Practica dance venues where practising is encouraged or even venues that have a separate practice space, but definitely not in the Milonga itself which is for dancing only.

A word of caution: In Tango there are many unwritten rules you will do well to get accustomed to and this is most certainly one of them. Failing to take notice of this will not bode well for you!