Music is the key to good Tango

Something you are likely to hear time and time again is that musical knowledge and musicality in dancers is the key to good Tango. It is probably the most important thing above all else and Tango teachers should not only emphasis this but make good use of it in their teaching. If they do not then you should really be asking yourself why!

The more you get to know Tango music the better. Now it just so happens that my all time favourite Tango radio station 'Tango Evolution Radio' on Tangology101 is broadcasting via the Internet and I simply cannot recommend it enough. Enjoy!

[Nota bene] "Tangoology101 radio station is temporarily down due to not enough listeners. Radionomy requires a certain amount of listeners to keep the station running."

This is a real shame and I hope this can be resolved at some point! In the mean time perhaps we can give other Tango radio stations on Radionomy a go such as rTango Bar ...(El Alma De Buenos Aires)