Tango Goals & Pitfalls

The low-down to learning Tango in London or anywhere else for that matter

This post & various follow-ons have been written to aid anyone new or lost on their way to a better Tango experience and that sometimes elusive Tango bliss which once discovered could change your life forever. You have been warned!

There are different ways to approach learning this fabulous dance and I am fairly certainly that most will initially struggle to figure out what will work best for them. You may find some comfort in knowing that Tango is a very personal thing, even though some will undoubtedly try to convince you otherwise, but for the time being let us just imagine that it is something you will have to discover for yourself and ultimately nobody can actually teach it to you as such. Based on this view alone I can give you a few good pointer right away which you would do well to remember:

The first thing I should probably mention is that the most talented Tango teachers will only give enough information to empower you to dance and point you in the right direction; they will never try to enslave students with an endless serving of classes that in all probability you can do better without.

Naturally many seek guidance from teachers or better dancers. Yet the experiences and obstacles encountered by each person on their Tango journey will almost certainly be different from person to person and hence it is inadvisable to generalise about what may work best for any one of us. However years of exposure teaches one many things and born out of these are some common Goals and Pitfalls which we are all likely to encounter at some point on our journey. Now these may well be worth sharing and I hope that some of you will find the various snippets of information I plan on posting on here every now and again quite useful to allow you to formulate your own opinions, become more aware and mindful about various Tango aspects that may not be easy to grasp and to encourage you to catapult yourself on a fun journey of discovery that will bring joy and happiness to your life.

Bon voyage!