Good reading material to complement your early Tango journey

There are many Tango articles to be found on blogs or elsewhere on the Internet and as with everything else you will find some are better than others and for sure it can be a minefield as to what to read and more importantly what best to avoid.

Again this is somewhat of a personal preference, but I have shared some links taken from my 'Favourites' section on the right hand side panel for you to pursue.

If you are fairly new to Tango I would advise against reading too many blogs to start off with apart from perhaps one of my all time favourites << Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires >> which I simply cannot recommend highly enough! It will paint you a fairly comprehensive insight about what Tango is actually all about. The material on this site alone is enough to keep most individuals busy for quite a while.

It would not hurt to also get to grips with the << History of Argentine Tango Music & Dance >> which will undoubtedly provide you with a better understanding of the history of Tango as well as an insightful examination of the Milonguero as portrait in << Old-timers Speak >>

Once you get a little comfortable with your Tango there is nothing wrong with venturing further on to other blogs and it is at this point I would recommend reading stuff such as the various << VeroTango Essays >> by Veronica Toumanova and some of the posts by Tango Immigrant, especially the one about musical interpretation << Yo no se por que te quiero - beauty in simplicity >> which provides a good method of visualizing and understanding Tango music for nonmusicians.

I have probably mentioned this umpteen times already, but I will say it again: 'Music and musicality in dancers is the key to great Tango' and the quicker you immerse and familiarize yourself with the music the better. Now what better introduction could anyone wish for than the << The Structure of Argentine Tango Music >> which once again I simply cannot recommend highly enough and it is brought to us by none other than the folks at Tangology101 who are behind 'Tango Evolution Radio'.

I am trying to remember other websites I have come across in the past which were useful in developing my own Tango and I will hopefully add them as and when I remember and get around to it.