A good place to start learning Tango in London

Just started learning Tango or always wanted to but do not really know where to begin or anyone who dances Tango already to introduce you to this popular pastime?

Chances are most others like you wanting to learn Tango are wondering exactly the same and do not know where to begin or who to turn to. Yes you Googled 'Tango' and 'London' or an alternative location and it has come back with various links to choose from. With a bit of luck you may even find a venue that is not too far from you, but how do you know if it will be any good or right for you?

The simple answer is you just won't know until you actually try.

You should try to conduct some research into possible Tango venues and teachers beforehand and you may even come across some comments regarding potential places and individuals, but how do you really know if these can be trusted or if they will be right for you?

Everyone has their personal opinions so the only advise I am willing to give anyone is to try out as many venues and teachers as possible. Perform your own comparisons before narrowing down your selection to the ones you think are most suitable at this moment in time and remember that your opinion may change further down the line.

In order to help find places to learn and practice Tango in London I created the London Tango Calendar and the
London Milonga Map containing Milonga (social dance) venues with their schedule and locations. Most if not all the venues listed tend to have classes beforehand, either by local or visiting Tango teachers and some may even offer short introductory courses, so you could just turn up early and attend the pre-Milonga class which is usually more or less included in the entry price of the dance event afterwards.

If however you are a little daunted by the prospect of attending social dance venues to start or are more at ease with attending classes in a dance studio, then this list of London Tango Teachers may be of some help.

Now before you steam ahead it is probably good to get an idea of what to expect at these classes and I would recommend you take a quick look at what I have to say about << Picking local Tango teacher(s) >>